In a view that is unflustered but not fundamentally uncaring, envisioning the puppeteer as a benevolent entity faithfully guiding his ward through a fascinatingly harsh environment we tell the story of the Endurance expedition through gesture. Reflective of the plight of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the ill-fated Endurance, we seek to evoke ideas around the fragility of the earth’s landscape, climate change and the concept of dignity and the eternal struggle to lead life gracefully.


Created by Phantom Limb
Directed by Sophie Hunter
Conceived in Collaboration with David Harrington/Kronos Quartet
Produced by ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann
Developed with Tony Taccone
Music composed by Erik Sanko
Set Design by Jessica Grindstaff
Puppet Design by Erik Sanko
Choreography by Andrea Miller
Video Design by Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
Costumes by threeASFOUR
Lighting Design by Andrew Hill
Original Lighting Concept by André Pronk
Recorded Performance by Kronos Quartet
String Arranger Jacob Garchick
Live Performance and Additional Music by Skeleton Key
Sound Design and Music Treatment by Martin J.A. Lambeek
Contributing Sound Designers Tei Blow, Zachary Layton and Andy Green
Kronos Quartet Engineered and Recorded by John Kilgore
Assistant to the Choreographer Francesca Romo
Skeleton Key Recorded by Andy Green and Bryce Gogin
Production Management by Corrado Verini
Associate Production Management by Dave Shelley
Stage Management by Randi Rivera
Technical Direction by Anthony Cerrato
Consulting Technical Director John Finen
Collaborating Architect Gia Wolff*

Documentation by Tommy Bertelsen
Boatswain Gregory Kozatek
Phantom Limb Production Assistant Mat Adey
Puppetry Consultant Liam Hurley
Dramaturgical Development by Christie Evangelisto
Produced in Association with Beth Morrison Projects

*Additional Collaborationing Architectural Wonders Becky Yurek and Selin Maner

Original Cast

Sabrina D’Angelo
Kira Blazek
Takemi Kitamura
Rowan Magee
Aaron Mattocks
Carlton Ward

Understudy Paul Singh

Skeleton Key

Benjamin Clapp
Craig LeBlang
Erik Sanko
Bob Vaccarelli

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