Mourning, All Day!2017

A new collaboration between Danish company CoreAct, Phantom Limb Company & director Cille Lansade (FR). Erik Sanko composes music and Jessica Grindstaff designs sets while we all devise together. Mourning, All Day is hybrid immersive experience that explores and stages the complexity of mourning.

Peer GyntJanuary 2014

Phantom Limb is excited to announce the opening of a rich collaboration with Republique Theatre and Director Rolf Heim in January 2014. This adaptation of Peer Gynt is highly visual, includes many puppets and has been in the works for one year. PLC has designed sets, puppets and costumes and has collaborated closely with Heim through the process of creation

Lemony Snicket's The Composer Is DeadDecember 2010

An adaptation of the Lemony Snicket book "The Composer is Dead" in collaboration with Lemony Snicket and Berkeley Repertory Theater. This production design was developed over the course of two years and includes over 100 puppets and an oversized Victorian toy theater.

The Devil You KnowJanuary 2010

A collaboration with Ping Chong & Company to develop an adaptation of The Devil and Daniel Webster through set design and puppet design.

The WallNovember 2008

Phantom Limb collaborated with Urlike Quade in Holland to create The Wall, a theater piece combining puppetry, music, dance and visual art.

Flesh and Blood Fish and FowlSeptember 2008

Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl is a haunting and comedic piece about the limited perspective that humans have of the world and their relationship to wilderness, wildlife and time.

Speaking In TonguesSeptember 2007

Set design for the Danish premiere of Andrew Bovell's play, Speaking in Tongues (produced by Eklektisk Teaterproduktion and Crossways).

Peer Gynt

Cid Scene from The Composer Is Dead.

Devil Rendering from The Devil You Know.

Flesh Poster from Flesh and Blood Fish and Fowl.

Speaking Scene from Speaking in Tongues.