Flesh and Blood Fish and Fowl

Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl is a haunting and comedic piece about the limited perspective that humans have of the world and their relationship to wilderness, wildlife and time. Rendered in a surreal story-book style using homespun stop-motion animation and puppetry with taxidermied animals, this is a dark yet magical piece that captures the myopia of our contemporary culture as it stands teetering on the edge of oblivion. It is a kind of doomsday fairytale, where winters turn to summers, shadows no longer behave, dead animals come to life, and the "order of the food chain" no longer applies.

Phantom Limb Company collaborated on this production, which opened 9/9/2008 as part of the 2008 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, through set, puppet and prop design.

…this is how mankind sees the world: through a broken lens of an out-dated dime-store camera, seeing a proud close-up of himself, surrounded by dead animals on an exhausted planet.

Created by Geoff Sobelle (of Rainpan 43 and PigIron) + Charlotte Ford