The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller is Phantom Limb's first theatrical endeavor created in conjunction with an astounding pool of talented artists. It was originally conceived with the support of a Henson Foundation grant, an LMCC swing space grant and was produced by the HERE Arts Center.

The Fortune Teller premiered in the fall of 2006 in NYC and has since toured to the UCLA Live Arts Festival in the fall of 2007.

Its overwhelming success led to our company's inception. Below are the artists that we collaborated with on this piece.

Created by Erik Sanko and Jessica Grindstaff
Directed by Erik Sanko
Original Music composed by Danny Elfman

Songs by Erik Sanko
Recorded Narration by Gavin Friday
Lighting Design by Andrew Hill
Sound Design by Andy Green
Architectural Design by Selin Maner
Mansion Construction by Matthew Acheson
Project Manager/Art Director Jessica Grindstaff
Interior Design Team: Deana and Matt Acheson, Fatimah Durkee, Chloe Foglia, Jessica Grindstaff, Robert Jamieson, Michelle Harper, Alex Haring, Anders Johnson, Kara Koirtyohann, Tami Lee, Liz McGarrity, Francesca Mannoni, Senta Romasco, Erik Sanko, Christopher Young, and Becky Yurek.
Originally Performed by Matthew Acheson, Liam Hurley, Erik Sanko, and Randall Whittinghill.