In 2012, Phantom Limb Company worked with DEDON, world's leading luxury outdoor furniture company led by Bobby Dekeyser.  PLC developed several design concepts for the SOHO flagship store and strategies for how the design would scale and translate to other markets.

DEDON's furniture comprises modern designs fabricated through weaving in the Phillippines.  DEDON runs a factory in Cebu, Philippines that has a zero waste policy and is committed to improving the lives of workers and their families.  They start their day with company yoga! Phantom Limb Company fell in love with the art of weaving and the company at large, having visited the Philippines and being blown away by the traditional artistry that went into each modern piece.

The first concept would bring a small team of weavers from the Phillipines to NYC to weave the interior walls of the showroom throughout the course of one month.  In real time, they would create the feeling of flowing canyon walls from Dedon's raw material in white.  An accent wall would showcase words woven in a different shade of white.  As the weaving progressed daily, it would be documented allowing the team to create stop motion video of the weave from start to finish. This concept showed the story of the brand --from the company's handmade work to the gorgeous people that masterfully weave Dedon's designs.

The second concept developed was Indoor Garden.   The work was not installed as Dedon ultimately made a decision to move their showroom