Original Phantom Limb Company Production
in development 2017-2018

Falling Out is the final piece in Phantom Limb’s trilogy about people’s changing relationship to nature over time.  The first being 69˚S. and the second Memory RingsEach piece examines our current climate crisis through a specific lens - all with the same end goal : to go straight to the heart and then mind of the viewer inspiring in them an energy to go out and create or conserve in a way that best serves their own communities. Community outreach is embedded in this process. As with most of our productions, Falling Out starts with a staging idea and a puppetry concept. 

As my daughter slept one day in her room, a small white tutu sat on the floor of her bedroom, the window slightly open let in a breeze and slowly as if unseen hands moved it the crinoline slipped across the floor.  I was immediately struck by this image and began to think of radiation and the unseen but incredible impacts all around it and an idea for a set design emerged.

Erik and I have been lifelong fans of Butoh and the group Sankai Juku.  As Butoh originally came as an artistic response to the bombings of Hiroshima, we began to think: how do we respond to the new falling out?  How can we create a new expression, one that begins to address the sensation of the effects on water and land as well as the people who inhabit, depend on and love these places? We will work with Dai Matsuoka, dancer from Sankai Juku to see what happens when you apply the principals of Butoh to puppetry (and vice versa).

We have received funding from the Japan Foundation to support our first two residencies.  In October of 2016, we inhabited rehearsal space granted to us by LMCC and began this inquiry with puppets, Dai Matsuoka and performers as well as 3000 yards of crinoline- all stuffed into trash bags- much like the radioactive soil in Fukushima.  At the Hermitage Artist Retreat in June 2016,  Jessica began collaging and mapping out the narrative which uses a break up (or falling out of a couple) played by several characters as the fulcrum and grand metaphor in the story telling.

This project's development is generously supported by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Japan Foundation and Hermitage Artist Retreat.