Phantom Limb has been collaborating with Gary Graham since 2012 on display and immersive marketing events. The first event for Fashion Night Out consisted of a 12' tall automata based on Cleopatra with a long skirt that connected to the floor, reserving an inside space for shadow puppeteers to put on surreal and mysterious show related to the imagery and symbolism in Gary's 2012 collection. We also created a custom shirt for the evening which was sold at the event.

Phantom Limb Company has an ongoing window display collaboration with Gary Graham store completing three separate seasonal displays.

One based on tetrahedrons and kites.  We made 13 large scale simple structures from light wood framing and vellum that were suspended starting at the window and flowing back into the store like a wave. For a second installation we dressed all of the mannequins in the shop in large woodland animal and bird masks and they emerged from a forest of seasonal greenery and light.

Gary Graham has also used Erik Sanko's puppets in his holiday window displays.