Upcoming 2018

A new collaboration between Danish company CoreAct, Phantom Limb Company & director Cille Lansade (FR). Erik Sanko composes music and Jessica Grindstaff designs sets while we all devise together. Mourning, All Day is hybrid immersive experience that explores and stages the complexity of mourning.

The project illustrates how we, in our part of the world, handle and processes loss and how this effects our relation to life. Mourning is increasingly becoming something we are expected to “by-pass”, this pressure for efficiency in relation to mourning, often leads to isolation and emotional backlash. Mourning can be an opportunity to create new perspective, to learn and to deepen the lives of those that are still here while commemorating those that have passed. Mourning, All Day is a homage to mourning and its transformative potential.

Mourning, All Day! will premiere in 2018 at Teaterøen in Copenhagen, Denmark.